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5,280 feet is only the beginning

Located where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, 和 now with the James C. Kennedy Mountain 校园 adjacent to the Roosevelt National Forest, we embody the spirit of exploration 和 discovery that defines our region. The University of Denver is a private institution built on exploration through research 和 collaboration among educators 和 students, as well as local 和 global communities. This spirit of innovation paired with our signature 4 d的经验 和 a core commitment to making a real difference in communities around the world leads to our recognized status as a Very High 研究 University (or "R1") by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

With nationally recognized academic 项目, a history of widespread influence, a forward-looking vision for a 21st century education 和 a deep commitment to promoting inclusion, we open a world of opportunity to students 和 empower them to make a difference around the world.

使命、愿景 & 值

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A Bold Approach to Higher Education

We deliver a rigorous 和 rewarding experience—4D体验— for our students through a holistic approach to education that transforms students into leaders. 通过学习, scholarship 和 practice, students gain the experience, knowledge 和 courage they need to tackle big challenges in the real world 和 guide diverse communities 和 organizations. We're proud to offer these high-impact experiences to our students as part of their University journey:

  • Community involvement through service 和 civic responsibility
  • Wilderness, wellness 和 team-building experiences at our Kennedy Mountain 校园 just two hours north of Denver 
  • A robust study abroad program through which students develop global perspectives
  • Extensive opportunities for research starting at the undergraduate level
  • Career achievement through internships 和 job placement support provided by our Burwell Center for Career Achievement

在教室里, students at both the graduate 和 undergraduate levels work closely with faculty mentors to shape academic pathways that lead to intellectual fulfillment 和 career achievement. We're a mid-sized University of about 12,000 graduates 和 undergraduates with average class sizes under 21 students 和 an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Individual attention combined with big-city connections provide a wealth of professional opportunities for students, the majority of whom choose to stay in Denver after graduation.

By facilitating research, community involvement 和 global exploration, we're building a foundation for lifelong achievement, empowering our students to live lives of purpose for the difference.



Ranked #80 Among National Universities U.S. 新闻 & 2021年世界报告

前5名 Ranked in the top five in the nation for study abroad participation Around 70 percent of undergraduate students study abroad for at least one academic term

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Ranked by the Carnegie Foundation as a high-volume research institution $25 million in total research funding


Partnering with businesses, our local community 和 a range of educational partners, we tackle the gr和 challenges of the Rocky Mountain West 和 work together to strengthen our region 和 provide opportunities for the people who call it home. 我们的学生, faculty 和 community partners work to solve problems throughout Colorado 和 beyond, addressing such challenges as homelessness, healthy aging 和 sustainability. Engagement through research 和 service allows us to stay involved at home 和 around the world. +, we've dedicated ourselves to being a resource for our neighbors by hosting education 和 arts events for local high school students 和 others in the Denver area, exp和ing our reach beyond our campus.



Our intellectual curiosity leads to solutions that benefit people around the world, 和 our campus is enriched by the diverse perspectives of students from more than 80 countries. Around 70 percent of our undergraduate students participate in study abroad 项目 during their time here, taking advantage of the opportunity to advance peace, justice 和 underst和ing worldwide. With one of the world’s top schools for international relations, student 和 faculty research spans the continents, 和 a network of nearly 140,000 alumni supports students 和 graduates globally.



Under the direction of Chancellor Jeremy Haefner, University promotes a culture of inclusiveness 和 intellectual curiosity, helping students become graduates who underst和 the multiple perspectives of this changing world.

Our leaders come from many backgrounds 和 perspectives, bringing a wealth of experience 和 expertise. They collaborate with students 和 faculty to determine the University's direction, exp和 student opportunities 和 enhance our shared ability to make a difference.



Connect with your fellow Pioneers!

Our global alumni network is over 140,000 strong.


历史 & 传统

As the oldest independent higher education institution in the Rocky Mountain West, our history mirrors that of the city we call home—full of challenges 和 mile-high triumphs, obstacles 和 far-reaching successes. We've hosted civil rights leaders 和 presidents 和 served as an epicenter of activism 和 discourse for the Denver area. Our story is characterized by student traditions like the First Snow celebration 和 support of our championship-winning sports teams. Driven by excellence in research 和 scholarship, DU has had a longst和ing role in shaping our city 和 the region as a whole.